BCN Pride Toastmasters

BCN Pride Toastmasters is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Club which goal is to develop and enhance its member's communication and leadership skills in a proven, supportive environment providing the tools and resources required to help build confidence in its member's personal and professional growth.

BCN Pride Toastmasters Club celebrates the diversity of its members’ backgrounds, whether these be professional, religious, social, sexual orientation or racial. We share with each other a wealth of life experiences and differentiated perspectives. Everyone is encouraged to participate and to develop their communication and leadership skills within this safe and supportive environment without fear of judgment, rejection or discrimination.

Public speaking can be intimidating enough as it is in the beginning. Our member's open mentality free of prejudice makes it possible for you to talk about anything you feel like speaking

BCN Pride Toastmasters club meets conveniently in the heart of Barcelona

Thursdays 7:15pm to 8:45pm

Centro de Estudios Politécnicos
Calle Santa Anna, 28,
Escalera derecha, 1 planta
08002 Barcelona

Come and visit us!  or send us a message to contact&


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Club Officers 

Brave Commite

All members help the club to work. Everyone has the opportunity to become part of the team and practice skills related to the organization.

The club committee is composed of the following officer roles and, currently, the members taking office are:


President – Sergio Azpeitia
VP Education – Yolanda Gómez
VP Membership – Elizabeth Breedlove
VP Public Relations – Arnau Pérez Ninot
Treasurer – Pilar De Obeso
Secretary – Cristian Iordache 
Sergeant at arms – Catrine Bergeron
Immediate past president - Luca Magagni