Area Contest - 3 Oct. 2015

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¡La semana próxima tenemos el Humorous and Table Topics Area Contest!

Tenemos unos fantásticos concursantes de nuestro club, y otros de los clubes de nuestra área K3 de Barcelona. 

Va a ser un día estupendo y nos lo pasaremos genial, ¡no te lo pierdas!

Lugar: Auditorio Escola IPSI

Comte Borrell, 212. Barcelona

Hora: 9:30 h.

Last Session of the year


This week in Pride, we were in a festive mood, and not just because it was our last session of the year, but because two of our members won the Table Topics in the last Christmas party: Lorenzo Cubero’s group, who won for being the funniest, and Michael Chackal’s group for being the most daring. A huge congratulation to the two of you! 


And since Christmas is round the corner, Prince Duah, our Toastmaster of the evening, brought us a question about the three wise men, what if they were three wise women? Want to know the answer? Then, you must come to our future sessions,  you never know when Prince will give us the full story about “Las Reinas Magas”. 

Prince also introduced us to the word of the day, generosity and our three speakers of the evening. 


- Lorenzo Cubero with his second speech Time to ride! 


- Jordi Chiva with his 4th speech Currency vs Money made us realize that our money could one day be worthless. Let’s hope not! 


- Gabriel Bau with his 6th speech, Christmas time inspired us with a personal experience  that told us what really matters in life.


The funniest part of the night was brought by our Table Topics Master, Amineh Ishtay, who invited us to sell sex gadgets. It was hilarious, and a great way of ending the evening and our last session of 2013. 


I wish you all a Merry Xmas and many Toastmaster’s session for the new year!


Christmas Party

Chistmas party

Are you ready to party?


It is time to have our wonderful Christmas Party.

- Where: Restaurante Prince C/Marina 66 08005 Barcelona (Marina station, L1 Red one).

- When: Friday 13th of December at 20:45h (be on time please!)

- Price: 20 €/person

- How to play: Cash to your club's representative at the Christmas Party Committee or at your beloved club president.

- Deadline to pay: 9th December 2013. No booking will be considered if payment has not been done beforehand.

We will be glad to welcome your friends, partner, etc. Places are limited. Run to book before all the tickets will be sold out!

Many thanks,

Your Christmas Party Committee

Prestigious TM: Lluis Bosch and Liliana Lucero

Barcelona TM: Judit Permanyer and Teresa Rubinat

SFT: Elena Galindo

Agora Almeda: Salvador Alemany

BCN Pride: Gabriel Bau and Sandra Cloostermans

HP TM: Sandra Lensen

An empowering session



In this session, our main speakers shared with us speeches that they want to use in their working life. They tried to sell us new equipment for theaters and better ways to invest our money. I found interesting how Jordi Chiva explained to us how to invest our money by tearing a piece of paper and how David Puyuelo spread confidence talking from his experience.


It was also remarkable the way Lorenzo Cubero set up his role as a Toastmaster making us closing our eyes and then beginning the session with music, stretching exercises and the quote “Live your present to make it worth remembering”.


I found also the behavior of all the members of the club contagious. We do not wait to see things happen, we make things happen.



Gran tarde de Halloween !

Discursos y table topics de diferentes personajes.

Halloween Pride Toastmasters 2013