robertAfter a short period in Toastmasters I have realized that this club is very much about welcoming people and being positive.
Welcoming guests and newcomers as the old and wise Touaregs used to take in lonely desert travelers with joy and respect, and being optimistic about two things:

First, about the intrinsic qualities of human being: every new person that you meet can become a friend and has valuable qualities,  you only have to listen and be open minded.

Second, about the existing opportunity to improve ourselves that sleeps inside us.

Bestanist’s speech was a great example of the instant when you meet somebody new and you suddenly discover how interesting this person can be. It was a stream of words as genuine and authentic as her catalan name, a graceful cascade of naked realities about herself, without any worry to be judged… Bestanist showed up as she is,  it was not the typical  superficial introduction speech…and included some touches of acid humor that should be taken into account as an advise to sailors about the “dimoniet” that lives inside herself….

Another example of excellent attitude was shown by our new friends : Dr. Love and Mr. Heartbreaker…. Once again they volunteered to take part in the show as grammarian and Table topic participant… and they did incredible well!!
In particular Mr. Heartbreaker proved capable of selling ice to an Eskimo, improvising an outstanding sales pitch with a nice smile on his face.  I am eager to see their next performances!

But above all, I want to highlight the work of Daniel as the Toastmaster of the session, if there is someone that incarnates the spirit of the club…. He is the man… He is like the small brave ship facing a hurricane... ready to open himself a way in the ocean, no rushing but neither pausing. He reminds us that results are made of pieces of day-to-day effort,… and that every single day counts…inspiring us to fight and improve ourselves and kicking cowardice out of our lives.


Thank you Daniel.