Early Halloween Party

carbassaLast Thursday we ate panellets, carquinyolis, we got Dracula fangs ... What a night!

We enjoyed the speeches of our fellow Toastmasters. Do not forget that we met the lovely mother of Michael. We hope to see her soon during her next visit to Barcelona. Ricardo, Ben and Ann were also our guests.

Michael and Angel came prepared for a terrifying Halloween night. The rest did not dare to wear a costume but they did: a monk and a Mozart's wig! What a crazy combination!


Prince delighted us with a speech about the power of imagination. He sent a very strong message and made us think about our imagination and how we can change the world with it. Imagination can take you anywhere. It allows you to climb higher than you ever thought possible to achieve. Imagination is one of the largest and least exploited gifts that humans have. Everything that exists around us is the product of­­ our imagination. Think about it!castanyes


Gabriella fascinated us with a true horror story. We were all silent. Tension and fear were in the air. I almost could not sleep that night! Gabriella knows how to tell stories. She is always great and we all enjoyed her words.

Pilar remembered us how important is to go to Easy Speak and check the agendas. It is very useful for our Toastmaster club and Pilar and Robert can know how many persons are attending to a meeting, not only for knowing the number of agendas they need to print but also to know who can help in case of cancellations.  

Pilar and Robert are watching us, they can see if we check it or not!!! 

Oh! and we have two new members: Xavier and José.

That's all folks!