Meeting the people of Atlantis

atlantisToday was my first session as a formal member of the BCN Pride Club.

After being a member in another Toastmasters club, and visiting the pride one, I have decided to sign in and continue with the journey of improving my public speaking skills- all of course in a supportive and friendly environment.


Last Thursday session was energizing as always. I got to learn quite a lot  from the speakers themselves and from the feedback they received from their evaluators. We had speeches with good advise on how to become social stars, how to coach our colleagues at work and how to make a better us of our time our  busy daily lives.

On this personal inaguration event I was called, during the "table topics" segment, to the challenge of trying and explain to members from the lost continent of Atlantis about the meaning of divorce.. The imaginary people from Atlantis who attended our sesson already learned about the meaning of alcohole and taxes so I had something to build on.  I did my best and it was good fun i think that got the point :)

Looking forward to seeing you in the next session and/or the TM marathon!