A day of Celebrations!!!

The latest meeting of BCN Pride Toastmaster was definitely a session of celebrations!

Starting from the date, San Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers.

Pilar started our session with the word of the day, which could not be any other that “love”.

And then the question of the day: “what do you love?”

Any of us love something different, and most of us answered in a different way, but... as a club? What do we love?

We can definitely say that we love speaking at any time, because every occasion is the right one, even and especially on this day.

And then Surprise! (thanks again Pilar and Robert!) We cannot celebrate the day of love without a surprise, and in the way our culture prefers celebrating events.

Like in the biblical tale “Cana wedding”, the wine, the symbol of cheerfulness, love, faithfulness, dialog... and back to our days... chocolates, the symbol of pleasure.

What a good start for a session!

But the moment of celebrations wasn’t finished at all... we had just two speech at this meeting. Two, but both significant!

Emmanuel, with his 3rd speech became officially a member of the club, a first step has been overcome, and a difficult but challenging path has just started. (Congratulations Emmanuel! Let’s go the extra mile together!)

And Angel, that with his satirical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet tragedy “All you need is love”, completed the 5th speech of the Interpersonal Communication manual (and an overall of 20 speeches) has been finally awarded Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB). 

I wouldn’t say that Angel is now “arrived”, but he is definitely on the right way! (Congratulations Angel!)

Closing time lie with Cormac’s debunked table topics, Prince and our guest that improvised extemporizing for us unlikely but amusing 2 minutes stories about love.

And now, who would dare to say that love (at least for tonight) was not in the air?