Mojarse evaluando

Cormac al cerrar la sesión tocó uno de los temas más relevantes y complicados en cualquier equipo humano, familia u organización: ¿cómo evaluar correctamente?

Si no hay espíritu crítico y hábitos de ofrecer crítica constructiva sincera, es muy complicado que una organización y sus miembros se desarrollen y progresen. Al mismo tiempo, un sistema excesivamente inquisitivo y duro en la evaluación, puede tener como consecuencia la inhibición de las potencialidades de la persona y su frustración y desistimiento. Se trata de un equilibrio muy complejo.


Early Halloween Party

carbassaLast Thursday we ate panellets, carquinyolis, we got Dracula fangs ... What a night!

We enjoyed the speeches of our fellow Toastmasters. Do not forget that we met the lovely mother of Michael. We hope to see her soon during her next visit to Barcelona. Ricardo, Ben and Ann were also our guests.

Michael and Angel came prepared for a terrifying Halloween night. The rest did not dare to wear a costume but they did: a monk and a Mozart's wig! What a crazy combination!




robertAfter a short period in Toastmasters I have realized that this club is very much about welcoming people and being positive.
Welcoming guests and newcomers as the old and wise Touaregs used to take in lonely desert travelers with joy and respect, and being optimistic about two things:

First, about the intrinsic qualities of human being: every new person that you meet can become a friend and has valuable qualities,  you only have to listen and be open minded.

Second, about the existing opportunity to improve ourselves that sleeps inside us.


The joys of a long weekend!

Arriving at Thursday's session I was aware that Friday was a holiday but hadn't taken the logical step of that meaning a long weekend, so I was surprised to find only 12 of us there. I kept careful watch on the door to see if the usual suspects would come charging in at the last minute but the number stayed stubbornly at 12 and Pilar, punctual as ever, began the session on time.


Tortoise and the Hare - Humble Lessons from a Burgeoning Toastmaster

the-tortoise-and-the-hare-blue-square-wingsdomain-art-and-photographyThere is something to be learned from the Tortoise, a rather deliberate creature who moves only as quick as his sure-footed nature. He - surely perceived as an old cranky man - doesn't jump into things willy-nilly. No, he's a quiet guy who tends to stay to himself. Loving a nice ramble along the sea, or a 3 hour chew on his favorite green leafy plant, he's in no rush. And why should he be? He's got 150 years to play on earth, which gives him a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom. Enough knowledge and wisdom to know that the Hare's ill thought out plans, lack of experience and general gumption to throw himself into any situation is trouble.