Time Travellers Meeting. 21st March 2013

Joan Miro Autoretrat

In this session the word of the day has been surrealism, a very well chosen word for this Time Travellers Meeting. This word has been present in almost all the speeches and maybe it has been helpful that it didn’t want to stay hung in the board and was falling off quite frequently.

As the evaluations began before the speeches, they introduced objectives at the last minute to the speeches and for this reason, the speakers were forced to introduce changes to their well prepared speeches and also, to improvise. Speakers were asked to be creative in their Table Topics, to focus on part of the audience instead of trying to keep eye contact with the whole audience and also to use a coarse language. Furthermore, they were told that they had used too many pet words and that to avoid them it is useful to use pauses.

We had three speeches. The first one presented by our ACG ALB Cormac Walsh by repeating his Ice Breaker and adjusting it appropriately to the requirements of its foregoing evaluation. Then, Ethel Bermejo explained how much our way of communication has changed with the introduction of the use of Whatsapp and offered us a very entertaining speech by giving us very interesting data like the fact that more than 63% of Whatsapp users use it in the toilet or how useful this messaging application can be for shy people. And finally, David Sánchez explained to us how to be prepared to reinvent ourselves and also how to work on our employability for the future, offering us a speech that was both sincere and convincing.

Apart from that, our Entertaining Team presented us the Ideas box, which will be available during every meeting to allow us to offer suggestions to them. Actually, they collected some on this its first day so don’t be afraid and share your suggestions if you haven’t done so yet.

And finally, we all congratulated Michael Chackal on his new status as a CC.

Many thanks, too, to our Club Officers for making possible another amazing afternoon

A day of Celebrations!!!

The latest meeting of BCN Pride Toastmaster was definitely a session of celebrations!

Starting from the date, San Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers.

Pilar started our session with the word of the day, which could not be any other that “love”.

And then the question of the day: “what do you love?”


¡Otra gran sesión!

La crónica de la sesión del Jueves 21 de febrero empezó por la habitual introducción de nuestra presidenta Pilar, y una brillante introducción a la sesión por parte de Oscar, el Toastmater de la sesión que nos lleno de energía tanto  de espíritu como física, pues nos trajo un estupendo pastel de manzana casero, que puedo asegurar que tenía mucho nivel.



Toastmaster, more than speaking in public

inciensoI have discovered during these past few months that being a toastmaster is a whole lot more than speaking in public, and one example of this was this session.

Our President Pilar started the meeting by explaining the unusual circumstances leading up to the session, and how with the toastmaster of the day, Celine, and the VPI, Robert, they managed to organize the meeting after cancellations and changes at the last minute. Despite this, the session was great and very inspirational, where we could all participate and, I think I can speak from all my fellows, we finished with our batteries full of energy.

Celine conducted the session with her habitual charming nature, being honest and explaining the Word of the day SERENITY, the quality or state of being serene, clear and calm. A word that Celine wanted to transmit in this session after a hard and difficult week because of different kind of matters she explained to us.


One night in Casablanca

casablanca1Last session was like if we were in the movie of Casablanca, there were tears, laughs, music and so on.

All started “raising the curtains” (I liked that expression Prince) with our shining President, Pilar, who is capable to revive almost dead people after a long week (inspired in T. topic 2) with her energy and contagious smile. Followed by our toastmaster of the night, Cormac, who is able to calm a shacked orchestra (T.P 1) just before the entrance to the show. He followed his agenda meticulously, being aware that he had some impromptus.

Manipulation of mind, trust and perseverance.

With these three topics our speakers of the night inspired us very much.